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🎮 HitKlack

Retro console game remake of Mephisto Hit Klack

HitKlack game as Android apk file HitKlack game as .zip file HitKlack game as Android apk file

HitKlack Game

This is a work in progress game remake, just for fun. It's based on a German console, the Hit Klack from Mephisto. It runs on multiple platforms: Android, Windows, Linux, Mac and Web. For me it's a way to test the latest features of Kotlin 1.3, a programming language by Jetbrains. It uses the Korge - Modern Multiplatform Game Engine for Kotlin.

Hitklack console and Android app

Instant Play

Instant Play


📦 Windows exe - One Klick Run

📦 Java - Windows, Linux, Max

Requires installed Java JRE. No audio support.

🌍 Web - Download

Requires to start a webserver in this folder.

📱 Android - apk


For now, only one of the two console games is implemented: The Box Game.
Features like restart, level selection, game over, the clock and an instructions are not available yet.

Box-Game manual

It`s your objective to build squares out of four lines. The lines are running automatically but can be stopped by pressing the corresponding button: To stop a line running from left, press red. For a line running down, press blue, and so on. If you finish one square you can go ahead with the next. The first line of a square can be stopped on any empty field. The next three lines have to be stopped in the same square (ring). If a line is stopped on the wrong field, both the current square and the last built square will be cleared.